Wind Turbine Erection

EWR offers complete turnkey installation services. Our service starts from offloading and receiving all turbine components, prepping all components for installation, erection/installation of the turbine, installation of all electrical components, climb assist/elevator installation, mechanical completion, cleaning and complete quality control measures.

EWR holds a robust integrated quality program, which is implemented in every level of construction. Our team of crane operators, electricians, and core members have the hands-on experience and knowledge to execute projects efficiently and safely.

Electrical, Mechanical & Climb-Assist Installation

EWR provides complete installation services including electrical, mechanical and climb-assist/elevator installation. As part of this, we provide:

  • On-site management and project management
  • Licensed and experience staff for each task
  • Quality components and equipment

Quality Control

Quality is not something we aim for, it’s in our blood. Our quality program is mixed in with every crew holding every stage of the installation to a high standard.

Every turbine we install includes quality inspections (both inside and outside). We ensure all components are cleaned as well. Once a turbine is deemed to be fully qualified to operate, we turn it over to the owner.