Complete Maintenance Solutions

EWR offers a wide array of maintenance programs, inspections and component repair/replacement options. We operate across the continent with a workforce and cranes available across Canada (and select areas in the US). We are extremely flexible when it comes to maintenance. From turnkey options, to specialized scope projects, we do it all.

Turbine Blade Repair

EWR inspects, repairs, and cleans turbine blades related to edge erosion, cosmetic damage, lightning damage and blade core wear.


Completing routine maintenance and proper inspections reduces the chances of catastrophic failure. Our engineers provide inspection support that covers the turbines from top to bottom. We look for potential issues before they become problems and address them accordingly.

Component Replacement

While gearboxes and major transmission pieces generally last many years, unforeseen failures arise from lubricant contamination, extreme weather conditions, and improper maintenance.

EWR services and replaces major components to ensure minimal downtime on the wind farm. We have teams readily available across the continent to manage component exchanges.